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the left hand knows not…

Ok, the left hand knows damn well. The right hand may be making Jalapeno and Serrano Hot Sauce #2, but the left hand is drinking a Queen of the Ocean.


We (I) selected this cocktail because

  1. It contains Lillet Blanc which I just discovered the other day in the Hoop-La! and am completely in love with now; and
  2. Egg whites!

Unfortunately, and this is no fault of the lovely drink itself, Kelsey and I have become aware of our proclivity towards drinks with citrus. Which this drink has none of.

However! It is a lovely drink. I’m halfway through (I should perhaps mention that the egg whites have become downright icky looking. This did not happen in the Pisco Sour I made last weekend. Or the Edith Day. I don’t know why.) and…well, I’m sort of pining for a margarita, and that’s never a good sign.

edited to add:

So, we totally decided to go ahead and make margaritas. And there’s no shame in that.


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