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More Apple Fruit Leather

The Apple-Cranberry fruit leather was so popular in Amelia’s lunch basket that we decided to make more before all the apples have been forgotten for another season. Today, it was Apple-Plum and Apple-Rhubarb. Following the same general idea, we peeled, cored and rough chopped apples added to a large pot and cooked briefly with about equal parts plums finely chopped with a sitck mixer. Once boiled, dumped into a sheet pan lined with parchment and put into the oven to dry.

We peeled, chopped and cooked the rhubarb with about half a cup of sugar before adding the apples to it. Same story, after the mixture came to a boil it was spread out and put in th oven to dry.  I’m curious to see how this one turns out.  I just saw the rhubarb at the market and decided to give it a shot.

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