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This year we almost had a strike on our hands. Amelia threatened to whine all the way through the holiday and Wiley…actually, Wiley didn’t seem to actually give a damn.

That’s my boy.

The problem? Our guest list for Thanksgiving. There isn’t one. A guest list, I mean. It’s just us. Us and Grandma and […]

Jalapeno and Serrano Hot Sauce #2

1 head of garlic 2 doz ripe red jalapeƱo chillies 10 ripe red serrano chillies 1/2 large white onion 1 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar 1 cup water 3/4 tsp sel gris 3 dried chipotles that have been hanging around in the back of the pantry for god knows how long

Simmer 20 minutes, […]

Kelsey’s not going to comment on this one

I wanted to make something with the Cherry Heering (mostly because I just really like saying “Cherry Heering” because of the way it makes me want to say “Cherry Herring” which makes me think of swedish fish, which, really, taste-wise, is not far off) and I found recipes for Singapore Slings and variations of, from […]

Saint Revivers

When I first tasted St. Germain I wasn’t confident that we’d be able to mix it well. Too floral. Too tropical. Too different. But, very, very delicious; Emily’s been sneaking it neat. However, I read that it should work well in place of Cointreau. In comes the Corpse Reviver Variation #2, a fabulous drink featuring […]