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Sauerkraut: if I’d only known you were so easy

We love sauerkraut and have been happily forking over for Alexander Valley Gourmet’s fresh sauerkraut to get our fermented veggie fix. We’d been put off trying to make our own by accounts of wet moldy rags and open pickling crocks and then we read this SF. Chronicle article on fermented foods that had a seemingly […]

Zucchini Bread


What to do when you’re finally tired of using overgrown zucchinis as baseball bats

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Applesauce -OR- What to do when you’re finally tired of using mushy Gravensteins as baseballs.

We planted several zucchini plants this year knowing full well that we’d have too many by half, but I was inspired by a […]


Emily made a batch of Nocino with this recipe this year to celebrate her birthday and we just finished bottling it tonight. The walnuts were a little ahead of us this year and may have been a little too mature. It is also a little citrusy and doesn’t have the depth that we hoped for […]